Yellow Iron Oxide Powder


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Product Name: yellow iron oxide powder

CAS No.: 20344-49-4/243-746-4

Product appearance: yellow powder

Molecular formula: Fe2O3•H2O

Product model: 311, 920, 313, 315

Product Model Primary Colour Contents



Oil Absorption


Res.on 325 mesh


Water soluble salts


PH value Bulk Density


Tinting Strength


Particle Size D50


Color Difference


311 image001 ≥86 25-35 ≤0.3 ≤0.3 3~7 0.4-0.6 95~105 0.85 ≤1.0
920 image002 ≥86 25-35 ≤0.3 ≤0.3 3~7 0.4-0.6 95~105 0.85 ≤1.0
313 image003 ≥86 25-35 ≤0.3 ≤0.3 3~7 0.4-0.6 95~105 0.85 ≤1.0
315 QQ20210301153926 ≥86 25-35 ≤0.3 ≤0.3 3~7 0.4-0.6 95~105 0.85 ≤1.0

Iron oxide yellow (α-FeOOH). It is a kind of basic oxide and relatively stable. The color spectrum is pure ochre yellow. It has a range of spectrum from lemon to orange, with nice pigment properties. The tinting Strength is almost close to lead chromate yellow and covering power shall not be greater than 15g/㎡. With Poor thermal stability, if heat to 150-200℃ and begin to dehydration, When the temperature rises to 270-300℃, and it will turns to iron oxide red if dehydrated rapidly.

Product performance:

Iron oxide pigment is a kind of pigment with good dispersibility, excellent light resistance and weather resistance. Iron oxide pigment mainly refers to iron oxide as a basic material of iron oxide red, iron yellow, iron black and brown four kinds of pigments, which is given priority to with iron oxide red (about 50% of the iron oxide pigments). Iron oxide is the second-largest inorganic pigment after titanium white and the first largest color inorganic pigment. In the total consumption of iron oxide pigments, more than 70% are prepared by chemical synthesis method, which is called synthetic iron oxide. Synthetic iron oxide as the synthesis of high purity, uniform particle size, and the chromatography is extensive, color more, inexpensive, non-toxic, have excellent coloring and application performance, has the properties such as absorb ultraviolet light, and therefore is widely used in building materials, coatings, plastics, electronics, tobacco, medicine, rubber, ceramics, paper, printing ink, magnetic materials, etc.

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