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Chromium Sulphate for Leather Tannery
Model: JZBT-CS-1
Appearance: Green powder
Cas No.: 12336-95-7
Hs Code: 3202900000
our mateirial is an inorganically reduced Basic Chromium Sulphate complex in powder form. It is used in leather for chrome tanning of leather manufacture.
– With excellent chromium penetration characteristics.
– Provides uniform chromium oxide distribution on the cross section and the grain of the leather.
The product is dried with most sophisticated spray drier which does not allow material to be overheated. It is not toxic and has good solubility.
Physical Properties:
S.No Description Units Specifications
1 Appearance — Fine free flowing, Dark green color powder
2 Bulk Density g/ml 0.8 g/mlChemical Properties:
S.No Description Units Specifications
1 Chromium Oxide Content as Cr2O3 % Min 26
2 Basicity % 33
3 pH (10% solution) — 3.0
4 Chromium (VI) ppm Nil
5 Moisture content % Max 6
6 Water Insoluble matter % Max 0.1
7 Fe as Fe2O3 % Max 0.1Applications:
– Basic Chromium Sulfate is mainly used in tanning of processing leather industry or synthesis of other chromium based re-tanning agents and production of chromic compound.
– It is also used in dyeing of khaki cloth and in manufacture of chrome-based dyestuffs.
– 25 kg Kraft Paper Bags which are palletized, shrink wrapped
– 25 kg HDPE Bags with inside lamination
– 1 ton Jumbo bag with inner liner, palletized, shrink wrapped
– Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, out of direct sunlight
– Keep away from sunlight and heat sources
– Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid ingestion
– Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Keep out of moisture.
– When using forklift to load or lift the palletized bags, ensure that only competitive personnel are operating the forklift to avoid damage to the packing of the bags.
– Has harmful effect on skin and eye
– After contact with skin and eye wash immediately with water. Avoid breathing the dust.



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