Caustic Soda Solution


Product form : liquid


Quantity : 10000 Metric Ton


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Caustic Soda Lye is basic a solution of sodium hydroxide. Depending on the intended application, it can be diluted to 32% or 50 %. The solution is colorless and does not have any smells. It is a salt formed by the reaction of sodium and water.

Chemical application and strengths:

    • The caustic soda solution is a strong base that is used in various applications across various industries. Some major applications include


    • 1. It is used in the purification of water and water treatment such the partial water softening in drinking water production


    • 2. It is used for cleaning facilities in dairy products industries


    • 3. It is used in the demineralization of water as it helps in the regeneration of ion exchangers


    • 4. In the textile industry, it used for the preparation of the spinning solutions


    • 5. It is used as an ingredient for various pharmaceutical products such as sodium lactate


    • 6. It is used in the refining and desulphurisation in the petroleum industry


    • 7. In industries where effluent water is produced, liquid lye is used as a flocculant enhancer and for PH correction


    • 8. In steel production, the solution helps in recovery of ammonia in production of coke


    • 9. It is used in the purification and refinement of cooking fats and oils


  • The liquid caustic soda is less dangerous compared to the solid form. However, it should still be handled with care as it irritates the skin. In large scale application, PH meters are installed at various applications to monitor PH and avoid leaching. It is therefore, perfectly safe for water and beverage production if used as required.


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